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THE BLACK MIND - Volume 2 - (English version - Book)

"THE BLACK MIND" - (Volume 2)
by Salvatore Palmieri

PLOT: What’s more beautiful than a strong and careless friendship? Originated by a common accident that could happen to anyone, the relationship what will create between the two teenagers, protagonists of one of the stories of this second volume of The Black Mind, will become so strong to bring them to share their most gloomy passions, until when… the situation will come to a tragic ending? Because as we well know, shared passions often tend to create unity and complicity, regardless the reason…
So, free-falling in science fiction, you will travel in a future that got destroyed and that is characterized by death and terror. The few survivors, ill and completely worn out, will fight to the last breath, with the only desire to understand the provenience, present and future time of their destiny. Between the rugged, dirty and metallic walls of an underground prison, hidden in the deepest corners of history, an alien mystery, nauseating and bloodthirsty, will offer you terrible nightmares.

The Black Mind (Volume 2)
English Version 2016.
Author: Salvatore Palmieri

E-Book: HERE
Paper Book: HERE
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